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correctjapanese's Journal

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Have Your Japanese Corrected by Native Speakers
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In this community, if you post your Japanese writings, native speakers of Japanese may or may not correct them for you. Using Japanese characters including kanji is recommended but optional; using roma-ji only is acceptable too.
In addition, you may or may not have your Japanese/English translations corrected. There is at least one native speaker (the maintainer) willing to help you!

Caveat: This community is not a "free translation service". Please do not ask for Japanese/English translation without providing your own translation (attempt). The moderator will reply to all posts lacking translation attempts, asking you to try it on your own.

Some good online dictionaries can be found here:
http://www.alc.co.jp (for advanced Japanese speakers)

Tips: Clarify the context as much as possible. The proper Japanese depends a great deal on the context.
Native speakers may well misunderstand and misguide you without sufficient context information provided.

Many Japanese poems and song lyrics are intentionally vague, and have several different meanings. Please be aware of this when asking for help translating poems/lyrics. Mentioning the author may give native speakers more information as to the implied meaning of the poems/lyrics.

If you are NOT a native speaker of Japanese, please refrain from attempting to correct other people's Japanese, unless you have some good evidence to support your remark, such as excerpting from some authorized document, textbook, dictionary, or quoting exactly what your native teacher said. Or else, you will wind up embarrassing yourself.

Maintained by xmts. Feel free to contact me on AIM or email for quick questions!

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